What are the characteristics of brazed plate heat exchangers

(1) small and efficient: because the heat transfer process is carried out in a 0.5mm thin plate, it has a high heat transfer efficiency, the heat transfer efficiency after the couplet is more than 90%.
(2) Dust is difficult to block: the exhaust flows through the plate in a laminar flow, and at the same time, due to the 60° angle with the gas inflow surface, it will not cause turbulence and the dust will not block. .
(3) easy to clean: although dust should not be blocked, but if used in places with a lot of dust (100mg/m3 or more), it should be washed automatically. The time setting of the net device can be washed at any time within the appropriate interval during operation. Generally, 60°c of hot water is used, and sometimes it must be washed with alkaline water.
(4) Long life: the structure is very simple, there is no driving part and aging factors.
(5) no pollution: used to separate the two media in the whole welding, so the exhaust can not enter the gas.
(6) noise reduction effect: because the thin plate can absorb wind pressure, the noise is lower than 40Db, so it can prevent noise.
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