Analysis of common faults in the operation of brazed plate heat exchanger

1. Seepage leakage of plate heat exchanger
Because the plate heat exchanger has a long sealing perimeter and a thinner plate, it may show a leaking appearance during the application process. Leakage appearance can be divided into two conditions: internal leakage and external leakage.
A, check whether the import parameters of the hot and cold medium are consistent with the original planned value. If it does not match, you should try to adjust to the original value. If the import parameters have been changed and cannot be adjusted to the original planned value, the planning and accounting should be carried out from the beginning, and the heat exchange area should be increased or decreased or the process combination should be changed.
Analysis of common failures in brazed plate heat exchangers when brazing plate heat exchangers are running
B, if the import parameters of the cold and hot medium are consistent with the original planned value, and the export parameters do not reach the planned value, then stop, open the view board for blockage or slab knot Scale and other conditions, and timely disposal.
a, open the plate heat exchanger, remove the dirt on the surface of the plate, dry it and assemble the heat exchanger from the head. A water pressure test with a pressure of 0.2 to 0.3 MPa was performed on one side. After the slip line is discharged to the other side, the experiment is terminated, the heat exchanger is turned over, and the untested side of the pure water machine sheet is carefully observed, and the wet sheet is a sheet having holes or cracks.
b, in the field can also be used to see through the light, color, to find the waste sheet.
2, plate plate misalignment in plate heat exchanger
About the medium flow and pressure changes, and is a multi-pass combination, long-term use of plate heat exchangers, easy to miss the surface of the plate dislocation. After the plate is misplaced, it sometimes appears to be leaky; some, although not immediately leaking, is a danger of seizure, so it must be disposed of in time. The main causes of misalignment are: deformation of the heat exchanger plate; the gasket of the plate heat exchanger slides away from the gasket groove. To dispose of this misalignment, the deformed plate and the gasket sliding off the gasket groove should be replaced in time.
3. Simple disposal method of plate heat exchanger when there is no maintenance equipment on site
In the application process of the plate heat exchanger, whether it is deformation, crack, perforation of the plate, the gasket is aging and cracking, and all need to be replaced in time. If the sliding line is a spare part that is not satisfied by the site, and the heat exchange equipment has neither spare parts nor downtime, it should be handled on the spot. The method of simple disposal on site is to take out the damaged plate and the plate leaking from the attacking biosafety cabinet in pairs (A plate + B plate). If the number is not too much, the number of flow channels to be cut is not much, after assembling Continuous use has little impact on production.
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