Detachable plate heat exchanger cleaning purpose

1. resume production
In industrial production, the improper use of heat exchanger equipment will cause scaling inside the heat exchanger, which will block the flow channel or pipeline, affecting the normal operation of the equipment. For this phenomenon, the equipment must first be interrupted, and then the heat exchange equipment should be cleaned and cleaned. After the cleaning is completed, the equipment is restarted and the production is resumed.
2. restore equipment production efficiency
Fouling in the operation of the equipment will reduce the heat transfer efficiency of the equipment, the flow area in the pipeline will also decrease, and the flow resistance will also increase, making the load of the entire equipment worse. Production efficiency is reduced. When this happens, stop the equipment to remove dirt to improve the production efficiency of the equipment.
The meaning of heat exchanger cleaning:
Equipment cleaning can improve the heat transfer efficiency of the equipment to save resources; can also extend the life of the equipment; can also enhance the production efficiency and quality of the equipment; reduce economic losses.
Plate type heat exchanger inspection, repair, cleaning one, inspection: 1. The heat exchanger must be inspected before maintenance, for example, before dismantling, be sure to measure the length dimension, and then do a good job The corresponding record is because this size should be pressed when reloading. 2. Repair 1. If the gasket is stuck in the groove between the two plates, use a screwdriver to carefully separate it. The screwdriver should be inserted from the easily peelable part and then separated along the periphery. Do not damage the heat exchanger plates and gaskets. 2. When replacing the new gasket, it is necessary to wipe the gasket groove with acetone or other ketone organic solvent. The synthetic resin adhesive is evenly applied to the grooves by a brush. 3. Check the heat exchanger plate for perforation. Generally use a magnifying glass of 5 times, and sometimes it can be inspected piece by piece by light or kerosene infiltration method. 4. If the medium inlet and outlet short pipes and channels are found to have debris accumulation, the filter is invalid and should be cleaned in time.
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